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"Naledge In Action has given me multiple opportunities
to gainwork and entrepreneurial experiences."

College Student

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As a student, are you A.R.M.D.™
(Awareness, Responsibility, Mastery and Discipline/Determination)
as Top Talent?

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We are Naledge In Action

A top talent solution.

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Are you fully equipped to be successful in the workforce?

NIA can help you to realize your dream.

Become Top Talent
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As an employer, are you A.R.M.D.™
(Attract, Retain, Manage and Develop)
with the right candidates in the right positions?

NIA is a top talent solution.






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NIA is a Talent Solution

The NIA Culture

Naledge in Action fosters a culture of inter-generational inclusiveness. While working hard to create top talent, we also aim to tear down the barriers that exist between generations. We see our students as equals and not as subordinates because we want to put them in a position to lead. We include Millennials in the very shape of our organization, respecting each team members’ differences and sharing commonalities.

Naledge In Action subscribes to a People-Centered Culture based in shared values that foster transformational thinking and behavior.

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Naledge in Action

gives students the clarity, direction and practical work experience needed to
compete in a global, 21st Century workforce.